Why We Just Love Linen!

Challenging for some to embrace, here is why we just love linen and you should too!

Flax is Eco-Friendly.                                       
Flax, the plant source for linen, requires less irrigation, pesticides and energy to be a successful crop.     

Flax Can Be Cultivated Locally and It Is High Yield.
Flax is adaptable to diverse climates.  It can be grown, manufactured and processed into a variety of finished products lessening the impact of global transport.

Flax Can Be Used in a Crop Rotation System.                                                      In contrast to mono-cultures, a crop rotation system is healthy and naturally nutritional for the soil. 

Flax is Diverse.
Flax is not only used to make clothing but is used to produce a variety of goods utilizing most of the plant and preventing waste.

Linen is Durable.
Linen has a high tensile strength which means it is much stronger and longer lasting than other natural fibers like cotton or wool.

It is So Comfortable To Wear.
Linen has a natural temperature regulating quality.  It's cool and breathable when it's warm and insulating when it's warm.  Linen is also lightweight and rapidly absorbs and releases moisture. 

Linen is Biodegradable.
As an organic product linen biodegrades naturally and efficently if disposed of correctly.